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Becker & Co: Skilled and experienced Wellington property lawyers. Trust your transaction to skilled and experienced lawyers. We are up to date & fully compliant with all aspects of NZ property law.


We have extensive experience spanning over 30 years in all aspects of residential and commercial property including sales, purchases, leases, overseas investment advice, refinancing, apartments, company shares, cross leases, farms, vineyards, litigation and dispute resolution.


Member of the Property section of the New Zealand Law Society, Senior Registered Member New Zealand Trustee Association


Buying and Selling: Residential and Commercial

We offer advice on appropriate conditions to include in an agreement to purchase, such as: finance, builders or engineer's report, LIM and Council reports, valuation, title, ability to insure, watertightness or other conditions.

For some matters, especially commercial property transactions, a due diligence clause may be necessary.

We can review reports, cross lease plans, unit title rules and company license agreements and handle all aspects through to completion.

Disputes and Litigation

We have acted in many disputes, mediations, court cases and difficult situations.

If you are a mortgagee pursuing a mortgagee sale or a mortgagor involved in a defence of a sale we can help you.

We have an emphasis on resolving any issue as quickly as possible in the circumstances but if necessary can take the matter through the courts.

Estate / Asset Planning & Trusts

If requested, we can review your asset structure and advise on restructuring your property for asset protection or investment purposes. We run a professional Trustee company that may be able to act as a Trustee in your Trust. See our Trusts & Estates page for more information


We can advise you on relevant property issues and provide helpful, comprehensive advice to allow the matter to proceed as smoothly as possible.


Relationship Property

We can advise you on all aspects of relationship property law and the implications for your property. We can assist you to come to an agreement or structure that ensures you and your family are protected. 

See our Relationship Property page for more information.