We are able to advise you on all aspects of employment law including employment contracts, strategies, employment policies, human resources management, redundancy, discipline, termination of employment, health and safety, bullying claims and restraints of trade.


Effective management of these issues involves balancing a number of factors at each stage of the employment relationship from the initial interview to the termination of an employee.


Our services and advice include the following:


 ·      Personal grievances


·       Negotiation


·       Mediation


·       Restraints of trade


·       Confidentiality


·       Employment contracts


·       Discipline


·       Restructuring


·       Termination


·       Redundancy


·       Discipline


·       Bullying claims




Whether you require employment documentation or are considering the need to make employees redundant.


An employer must adhere to the obligations of good faith in all aspects of its dealings with an employee and must communicate to the employee any problems of performance when they arise, specify the standards of performance that are required and provide the employee with the time and opportunity to remedy problems of performance.


If you have a disciplinary matter whether summary dismissal or a poorly performing employee, or there is a potential breach of a restraint of trade or confidentiality, restructuring or termination we can assist with the necessary legal and practical advice.